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Jewelry Design

"Go to the studio and make stuff."
Frank Babb

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My jewelry designs reflect the things I love, so they will often take you into the garden, to the oceanside or to travel destinations.  I strive to balance creativity with attention to detail.

Each piece begins by making a pencil sketch of the design.  It is then hand formed in Precious Metal Clay (PMC) using a variety of techniques, including sculpting, carving and molds.  The silver clay is a material using reclaimed silver mixed with organic binders.

Once the design is formed and refined it is fired in a kiln.  After firing, the Keum Boo method of bonding 22/24k gold is applied to much of my work.  Gems and stones can be set after the piece is complete using traditional metalsmithing techniques.  The piece is finished by polishing and tumbling. The final step is to apply an oxidation solution to add a wonderful patina.  I love working with metal clay as the versatility of the material seems unending. 

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation with its own unique characteristics.

What is PMC or Precious Metal Clay?

Precious Metal Clay, PMC, is a combination of organic binders, water, and microscopic particles of gold or silver from reclaimed metals. In recent years, other base metal clays like bronze, copper, brass, and steel have become available. As a malleable material, it is formed into a design shape and then fired in a kiln to remove the binder and fuse into solid metal. The result is a pure metal that can be hallmarked as .999 silver or 22/24 karat gold. PMC was first developed by the Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan in the mid-nineteen nineties.

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