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Use a Jeweler's Cloth, such as a Sunshine cloth, for polishing jewelry.

I use a special oxidizing solution to achieve patinas on my work. The finish will slowly darken over time from exposure to the air and environment. Use a jeweler's cloth to brighten the high areas only and to maintain the patina in deeper texture.  A polishing cloth will also remove the black patina that may be part of the design.

Avoid dipping jewelry in metal cleaner as it will remove all the patina.

For a more thorough cleaning, gently wash in lukewarm water with a drop of mild liquid soap. Allow jewelry to dry thoroughly before polishing and storing. 

Store jewelry away from light to preserve the finish. 

You can contact me for information on having the patina re-applied. 

Jewelry Care



My online Shop has limited inventory; however, many pieces can be found in Collections and can be recreated with slight variations and with your choice of stones.  Send me an email with the name of the piece for more info.

Custom orders are available and will be priced to reflect the additional design and fabrication time.


Jewelry Prices

My jewelry prices vary depending on the design and if the pieces have gold, stones, or pearls, but the general range of prices are:

  • Earrings                $90 - $240

  • Necklaces            $160 - $420

  • Specialty Items   $420 - $680

  • Rings and bracelets are made to order

Prices may fluctuate with the precious metal market and stone choice.


Repairs: The cost of repairs is determined on a case by case basis and availability of special design elements, like stones.

Lost Earrings: The cost of a replacement earring is based on 75% of the current price of the pair of earrings.



Shipping: Current shipping cost is $8.50 for USPS Priority.

Returns: Every attempt is made for you to be happy with your purchase before sending.

Special circumstances will be considered.

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